Saturday, July 26

off i fly

So all my stuff is packed and pretty much ready to go. I'm proud of myself, usually when we go away I bring my pillow, another pillow and a healthy stack of 3 or 4 blankets, along with White Bear, my beloved bear who is not white and never was and is balding. For this trip, all I'm bringing is White Bear, he's always wanted to travel the world :) I've probably taken too many clothes and such, but my suitcase is only like 3/4 full, including presents and such that will not be returning with me. Plenty of room for buying French stuff :) I'm so excited, I'm hungry but have to force myself to eat. We don't have to leave the house until like 4:30, so this day is full of anticipation. I'm really gonna miss my family, esp my mom, you know that mom/daughter thing. I hate saying that b/c it sounds like I won't miss my dad and friends and dog and sister, but I will, it's just that mother thing, for whatever I, at least, always seem to be more emotional attached and that's who I think of. When I'm sad and crying, I think 'I want my mommy' or when I'm homesick, I think 'I want my mommy', it's just the way it is.
I'm excited to watch movies and stuff on the plane. The longest plane I've ever been on was like 2 maybe 3 hours, so 9 hours is exciting. I'm sure that within the first 2hours I'll decide it's not really that great... :) Well, I have to go force some lunch down my throat. I'll try to write here as often as I can/as I think of, I'm not sure really what's gonna happen in Paris, but if I have internet, I'll let people know that I'm alive and didn't crash in the middle of the ocean :)

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