Friday, August 15


Salut mes amis. Comment ça va? J'espere que tout le monde est bien. Je revenirai aux etas-unis a dimanche! Je ne veux pas laisser France. Mais, j'adore ma famille et mes amis et ma vie. Je sais que tu ne comprends pas tout les choses je dit. So, Im gonna go back to english. sorry about that, esp to those french majors reading it that can see all the wonderful grammar mistakes that i dont see :) ANYWAY, im coming home sunday, at midnight. I have spent all but 5 of my 200 euros, on fun things, presents, and things for myself :) i love france, but i am an american girl, and i want to get back to what i know, my family, friends, a normal shower, normal cars, normal keyboards, everything. tomorrow i go to the wedding of Mailys' cousin, its sure to be and interesting and new experience, since ive never been to a wedding before... let alone one in french in the catholic church. i very highly doubt ill have any chance to get to a computer tomorrow, and i have to leave here at like 9:30am on sunday to drive to bordeaux and get on a 1:25pm flight. so, this is officially me signing off from france, its been amazing and i cant wait to tell you all of it, all the things ive learned, seen, esp those i totally wasnt expecting (like a mom threatening to send me back); pictures too, those def will be shown. so, here is where i go back to french. au revoir France, et merci beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup pour tout les choses. je t'adore beaucoup :)so yeah, bye :)

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Elena said...

I'm so happy you're almost home. It's been 8 weeks! And, by the way, I understood none of the French that you said.