Sunday, October 26

just keep moving

ya know, when you're in the middle of doing something long and tiring or you don't really want to do, you just gotta keep moving.
like in swimming, towards the end of a lap, i get tired and i just have to focus on each breath, just get to the next breath, and soon i'll be at the end. cause if i just think, 'man it's so far til the end, i'm not gonna make it', i'll be right, i won't make it.
and when i'm reading a not so great book for english, i just have to focus on where i am, not that i've still got 50 more pages to read, and soon enough, i'll be finished.
also, when cleaning my room, you have to take a bit at a time, or you'll get overwhelmed.
it seems like life is sorta like that. you have to make a goal so you know where you're headed, but mostly just focus on the present so you don't get overwhelmed and you can really cherish what you've got going right now.
also... i really like the way my daddy's boots feel on my feet. :)

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Karla said...

Yes, I do believe you're right. Enjoy the now, but keep your eye on the prize and you will get to the goal.