Friday, December 12

another burden

way too much of it.
like never used.
like 50-75% of what i have in my room is not used.
i use a lot of it maybe like once or twice a year.
i don't really want it all.
i want to have a lot less crap around.
yet, i can't seem to get rid of it.
somehow i'm emotionally connected to all my crap.
i want to get rid of it.
yet, i don't really want to at the same time.
i think that i feel like if i throw it away i'm throwing away my memories/past or something.
i don't know.
i just know that i'm addicted to my stuff.
i was rehab.


nun of the forest said...

you should do what I did and just be absolutely ruthless. I used to be the same way about my stuff, but then I realized that I would still have the memories without the stuff. Not having so much stuff makes life a whole lot easier.

Karla said...

What is it with humans and their attachment to stuff? It happens to lots of people, and I am as guilty as the next guy. You finally get in a mood....clean a bunch out...and before you know it, it's grown back again. Where does it come from??

I have heard some tell of taking pictures of hard-to-part-with stuff if it really holds some memory for you. The picture will be enough to stimulate the memory.

Elena said...

I'd love to help. We can have a super, clean amy's room and get rid of stuff she doesn't need and take fun pictures of the stuff so you can remember it party!