Thursday, January 8


I hate it when people take things for granted. Anything really, friendship, money, opportunities, whatever.
Right now I'm really bugged with people who take hold of the opportunities before them and such.
For instance, driving. I know that at first driving can be scary, but it's not that hard and it gives you a whole lot of freedom. I hate it when people who are old enough and have taken drivers ed and stuff choose not to drive and then half complain about it. I'm fine with them deciding not to drive because its too expensive or whatever, but still. Even then, it's not really that expensive (for me anyway) and you're gonna have to do it anyway when you get into college and def when you get out, so why not start now and be awful at it when everyone else is. But when people say, oh, I can't drive, it drives me crazy. It's not that you're physically incapable or anything, you just don't do it. Or, what's also really annoying is when they continually ask you for rides and stuff. Giving people rides and carpooling is good. but there comes a point to where you are being used by them. They don't want to pay or take the effort to drive themselves or their parents are too lazy to pick them up. Just because some of us can and choose to drive, doesn't automatically make us the transport for everyone who cant. And, gas is expensive. Carpooling is awesome, because you take turns on who drives. But then people start taking your free rides for granted and stop thanking you, and don't even offer to pay or something. I know that most people who get a ride from someone else everyday to school pays that person a bit to cover gas and such. Its even more annoying when your driving someone and you have to go out of your way, past your house, then turn around and come back home, often not even for a thank you. They get the advantage of not having to take the trouble of driving or buying gas or anything and get to get home sooner to get on with their life, while youre still stuck in your car not even home yet.
And Im really starting to think about it more lately, knowing that I wont be able to drive the whole summer or first year of college. I'll have to turn the plate, and ask for rides from the people who continually take them from me. However, this is not going to be very practicall as most of my friends and such will be gone during the summer, while I am left at home unable to go anywhere until after 3 when my mom gets home from work. I dont have to stop driving yet, but the more I think about it, the more I hate it when people take for granted something like driving or getting rides from others when they don't know what it would be like not being able to drive or anything.
I guess thats my rant for the week...

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