Thursday, September 17

worth it

so. life sucks sometimes. people are mean and annoying. you do bad on a test. you get stressed out. you don't get enough sleep. you're body rebels. there are plenty of things i could list about how sometimes, life just sucks and isnt fun.
i've found that it's all worth it. all the crap is worth going through, for that one moment of happiness and peace. having a crappy day but after reading the Bible or whatever before going to bed, falling asleep knowing that you're loved and not in control, and being ok with it, welcoming the great power of God. having a super busy day but ending up with 15 minutes to just chill. even better, when you're worried about what you're going to do for those 15 minutes, a new friend comes by and talks with you. not just small talk, well it is small talk, but there's a sense of care and love in the conversation. they actually care about what you're saying, not just doing the obligatory 'hey how are you? i'm good. thanks'. and even having a good day, and someone passing you and saying hey. moments of feeling loved and happy and at peace. all the crap is worth it, if i can just have a few good moments. the great moments can last me a whole day.
(not to say that i wouldn't mind if there was less crap and more good times ;)

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