Wednesday, October 28

stuff has happened.

So last Friday I was sitting in my room, bored, with nothing to do, thinking about how i had nothing to do all saturday or most of sunday. i was starting to feel depressed... but. spontaneously it was brought up that i could go to scarowinds with katie, one of my friends. so i did! i was spontaneous! we spent friday night at her house then hung out saturday then did scarowinds that night. we didn't get back to LR until like 330am. then got up at 930 for church sunday. it was all good though. annoyingly, as the week progresses, the lack of sleep is compounding, and i'm getting more and more tired even though i've been sleeping good... :/ anyway. scarowinds was super fun and i was happy cause we got to ride 4 roller coasters :)
today my job started. it seems like it will be really good. i work from 2 to 430 or 5 wednesday, thursday and friday. the owner leaves and i just chill incase someone calls or comes in. today i read my book some, looked at some flower book, swept, washed some vases, and fixed the ribbons. :) biking back and forth isn't bad either. as long as it doesnt rain, that is ;)
the world series in baseball starts tonight. i don't really enjoy baseball, but my roommate loves the yankees, so i'll be watching baseball almost everynight for about a week... esp since it is HER tv... :/ i just hope they don't go too late cause i really wanna sleep...
halloween is this saturday. i have no clue what i'm gonna do. i feel like i should do something, but after last weekend, i feel like just chilling... and if i did do something, it'd prob be low-key... no drinking or anything... :/ idk...
so yea. thats my life in the last week or so :)

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