Friday, January 15

the human condition.

so. i dont know about you, but i go through funks. like sometimes i just want to chill and be alone. but sometimes i really want to be around people. and sometimes i just want to float along. but other times i really want my life to have meaning and have meaningful conversations with people. sometimes this ebb and flow of my emotions and feelings bothers me. like alot. why i go through such phases. but ya know, i'm human. and i guess this is part of my human condition. humans are broken. we have emotions and feelings that don't always make sense or have concrete reasons. as James Smith says in the book Embracing the Love of God, "In order for us to begin the process of self-acceptance we will have to acknowledge our true selves. We do not need to beat ourselves up, or call ourselves names, or excessively confess our sinfulness. All we have to do is be realistic." we should embrace our humanity. acknowledge the truth about ourselves. the good. the bad. the weird. and know that God loves us unconditionally. we often try to make God in our own image, as a flawed, biased person whos love is impacted by what we do and think and say. but this isn't true. He loves us NO MATTER WHAT. when i think about this. the fact that i'm human. i'm broken. i'm never ever going to be perfect. but God loves me forever anyways. no matter what. i dont need to really understand WHY. i won't. and i'm ok with that. i'm getting there. i'm getting to the point where i feel like i can embrace my broken humanity and really realize His love for me. when you think about it like that, the weird random feelings don't seem so important and weird afterall... i am what i am. and God loves me anyway. He always has, does, and always will.

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