Tuesday, February 9

a desk can say alot

so that's my desk. i was looking at it, and realized how much the stuff on and around my desk says about me and my current state. right now it's a bit messy, but i know where everything is. you've got your typical desk stuff like the organizer with pens and such, the sharpie cup, the paintbrushes, noteblock, tape, stapler, lamp. then you've got all this random stuff. the bowl by the lamp filled with lots of random things, ranging from poptarts to paint to whoppers to flower seeds to lipbalm. and you've got that random orange on the corner and that random apple hiding behind my laptop that i brought back from the caf and has been sitting there for two weeks... then you've got my pile of books: my current reading book, a readers digest magazine, a bank statement, my devotional book, and my bible. and over on the other side you've got my pile of papers: physics equations, random notes, handouts from cru, and a dodecahedron calendar i made while bored. then you've got all the other random stuff: camera case, calculator, pens, string flowers, small group candle, framed photos, my phone and my keys.. and then all around on the walls you can see arty photographs, two pieces of art, schedules, and lots of random verses and song lyrics and such that inspire me and keep me on track. and you can see the corner of my alarm clock and my bright fake daisy. and that's just the top of my desk. i bet this would make a great psychology experiment, basing a person's personality and current state on their desk. like i said before, right now it's organized chaos. i have the random odds and ends, but also the focuses of family/friends, artsyness, school work, social stuff, and my faith. what does your desk say about you?

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