Thursday, April 22


so. makeup. i think it can be a good thing. it can bring out the natural beauty God has given you. but, to be truthful, i'm kinda scared of it. i'm afraid i'll do it wrong or too much and just look stupid and become someone i'm not. no one has really ever taught me how to do it, and i feel like i'm missing something. but i don't want to paint my face every morning. but i feel like if i were prettier, guys would like me. and my eyebrows... they're kinda crazy. but again, i don't want to make them look fake or whatever. it's all just weird i think. yea.

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Elena Aronson said...

do you really want guys to like you just bc you look "prettier"? i'm serious. Nobody is going to look that good when they get older. So why not try to find someone that will love YOU (inside and out) for the rest of your life? You deserve better than a guy that likes you for your body.