Tuesday, May 11

home... for now anyways

so i'm home and away from LR for the summer... still weird to think that i'm not going back there in a week and that when i do get back, im not going to the same room. i don't think i've fully realized it yet. but for the meantime, i'm unpacking and organizing my life. my belongings anyways... i have so much more stuff than i even realized. theres a lot of stuff here at home that i didn't bring to school, that i don't need or want but is taking up room. so it goes in my sister's empty room so it's out of my way ;) then theres the stuff here that i still want/need. and then theres the mountain of stuff that i brought from college. lots of stuff. some of it i won't need again til i go back in the fall, so that goes in one box/pile. some of it i'm gonna need/want for gatlinburg, so that goes in a box/pile. then theres the stuff i need to use now or whatever so that gets officially put away. so much stuff. i think another thing too is that i have so much more room to spread out than i did in my dorm room... i pretty much had my desk, closet, my half of the drawers, and a couple plastic totes. here i have 2 whole dressers, a desk, 2 closets, 2 beds... and then a whole bathroom that i can leave stuff in. but then in gatlinburg i'm gonna have less room than at school... and it's weird just getting adjusted to home life again, during the summer... having things to do like unpack/organize and making plans with people, but not having to do anything if i don't want to. it's just kinda weird. the break is nice though :) i'm getting really excited for gatlinburg though :)

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