Sunday, November 21

worship styles.

something that has really struck me the past few days is all the different ways to worship. i've experienced many in the past few days. you've got the upbeat rap kind of style from Lecrae and the like. went to the gospel choir concert, which is different still. and then contrast those with the more subdued yet still passionate worship at my church, contemporary christian music. then there's the more upbeat stylings of david crowder and hillsong and others. the traditional hymns in traditional churches. and then you've got a cappella choir kind of stuff that is still worship, but some of it isn't even in english and has a different tone to it. it's crazy that there are so many ways to worship God, and He enjoys and listens to it all. it must be a crazy thing to hear, all of these sounds blending together into a sweet symphony of praise. and can one way really be right over another? as long as it's done to praise God, it works. :)

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