Tuesday, January 11


it's a snow day here in good ol hickory. snowed yesterday almost all day. they cancelled classes today. they have cancelled classes for tomorrow. i enjoyed being lazy and attempting to sleep in (to not much avail) and reading most of the day in the room. nice and cozy. however, by dinner i wanted adventure. as captivating by john and stasi eldredge says, we as women desire: a critical role in an adventure, to reveal our beauty, and to be fought for by a man. today was an example of the first. i needed to get out and do something adventurous. i know it's not quite the context that it talks about in the book, but whatever. so i found my adventure. i walked through the snow with friends to the grocery store and then to the movie theater downtown and saw a movie then back to my dorm. almost all in the dark and tromping through the snow/ice/slush. it was exilirating. sometimes we just need more adventure in our lives. i'm working on the second one (beauty) and on the third one the jury is out (no guy in sight that even remotely wants to fight for me), so i guess i can just work on the first one (although in the book they talk about the adventure role being with the guy and her playing a vital role in it but like i said, we're gonna distort it here for a min). it was physically tiring going up a hill in slush ankle deep, but it was wonderful. the cold air, the sound of boots in snow, knowing i am with good friends, and knowing that though i don't have much figured out in my life, i'm conquering something tonight (even if it's just a snowy 4 and a half mile walk) and God's got a plan, He just doesn't feel like sharing much of it right now. ;) but no matter what, He will be right beside me on my adventure.

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