Tuesday, February 1


here is my 31 sentences to describe january for me:

1- praying in the new year with great friends.
2- rereading encounter notes and reading don't waste your life by jon piper.
3- coming to grandma and grandpas-visiting my roots.
4- driving around c-u and feeling that central illinois wind.
5- chilling and doing number puzzles with my daddy.
6- pies with grandma.
7- family Christmas and praying for dinner.
8- listening to music in the car and just listening.
9- back to h-town, eating cookie dough and watching a movie with leah.
10- huge snowflakes that you can see their intricate, glorious structure.
11- walking four and a half miles in the snow at night and the thrill of a snowy night adventure.
12- being a social butterfly and getting to relax on another snow day.
13- working out to lecrae and singing again.
14- game night at the house: four on a couch, fishbowl, mafia, and redneck poker.
15- make your own sundae at the caf- vanilla, butterfinger bits, and hot fudge.
16- this is where the healing begins- realizing i'm in a pit and doing something about it.
17- being myself and slowly learning to love it.
18- pretty easily passing the swim test for lifeguarding.
19- feeling the effects of yesterday's physical activity and praying for the strength to get through tomorrow.
20- seeing a glorious sunrise right outside my window.
21- God changing your heart and then giving you what you wanted in the first place.
22- getting my cuddle quota in by a dog.
23- finally crying.
24- sixteen people at prayer during convo time.
25- allowing myself to feel.
26- God giving me just what i needed: a reminder, a reassurance, and a plan of action.
27- legit Jesus time in the library.
28- embracing my granola- hammocking.
29- hearing more about biblical disciplemaking.
30- hammocking in the sun and real life talk.
31- having chill time starting off a busy week.

well ish, they're not really grammatically correct cause i don't think any of them have a subject, it's inferred that it's me ;) and i tried to think of the best part of my day or positive things for all of them (working on getting rid of the pessimistic part of me!), though sometimes the positive seems like it would be negative, but it was good. and here i am rambling when i was gonna make it concise... ;)

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