Tuesday, March 1


1-feeling stronger; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
2- almost warm out and sweet Jesus time.
3- sweet reminders of God and His Love and Him guarding and changing my heart.
4- home with family and leah; comfort.
5- swimming, winterjam, and sleeping in.
6- superbowl party at the house.
7- creativity, productivity, and Jesus Culture.
8- working out and almost warmth outside.
9- God working in situations and it happening when you least expect it.
10- experiencing God's joy and peace all day.
11- piano sonata with trills that feel wonderful.
12- having no plans and things working out in the end.
13- walking around hickory with two of my favorite people.
14- remembering the love of my True Love.
15- keeping on my capris and not freezing.
16- trying to decide what business casual is for RA social tomorrow.
17- first skipped sick day morning classes.
18- tshirt weather and feeling better.
19- nature hiking, Jesus, and friends.
20- good church and hopefully-better-feeling-soon-meds.
21- getting excited and ready for the summer and possibilites.
22- feeling a whole lot better - being able to sing and swim.
23- the daffodils are sprouting and the cherries are flowering.
24- struggling with staying positive/optimistic.
25- the little things like piano feeling right, a friendship, and molten fudge cake with ice cream.
26- interview went well and had a relaxed but productive day.
27- skirt and tshirt weather and another productive evening.
28- the first thunderstorm, and the eerie warm wind before it hit.

as you can see, the weather is often one of the little good things about the day ;) sometimes, but not always, it's the only good thing i can think of for the day. i'm trying to get better about not talking about the weather all the time.... ;)

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