Wednesday, June 15

a couple days into 1A!

so far session 1A is going great! our 10 girls are amazing! i feel so blessed to be their counselor for these next 2 weeks! they're the perfect age, they love to have fun and be silly and crazy but are really great at following directions when needed. we've been having lots of fun. the first night here we went to singspiration (singing and dancing in the chapel) then nibble nook for ice cream. monday night we had a crazy safari cruise dinner and amazing race game. as the counselor running around with them i had to put shaving cream in my hair, jump in the lake, and be wrapped up like a mummy! crazy! last night we built a fire (my first legit fire built all by myself!) and cooked our dinner, chili frito pie and doughnut s'mores. and then we had a big campfire with all of camp and sang songs then listened to a talk. after they got to the cabin the girls went crazy but it was really fun. lunch soon...

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