Sunday, June 19

it's christmas! (at camp)

today is 'christmas' at camp. yesterday afternoon it stormed rather bad and lots of limbs fell and our power at camp got knocked out. it was nice to just chill and read cause i couldn't really do anything else... dinner was a bunch of pizzas they ordered because they couldn't cook. the activity for the three younger tribes was a movie night so they got a generator hooked up so we could watch Santa Clause. the generator kept surging so our sound kept screwing up. finally the power came back on. i went and helped them in the kitchen cause there were piles upon piles of dirty dishes. they had partially made dinner already but had to throw it all away. it was kinda fun helping clean up and stuff. then off to the cabins. showers and devo then bed. it's still storming off and on so i don't know what the plans are. sundays are different and then with the weather... who knows.

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