Thursday, June 9

an update since i finally have some time.

so like i said we know our co's now and our cabins and we learned our campers names now. the way we found out our co's was actually really cool. we all knew it was going to happen but sharon kept stalling and then finally told us it was happening. so we all went in the dining hall and there were strings ALL over. each of our pictures was posted on the wall and tied to a string. we had to find our picture then follow/gather the string to the table of our cabin. it was crazy. there was soooo much string and it was so nervewracking, my heart was beating out of my chest because i knew where i wanted and i didn't know if i'd get it and i had no idea who my co was. it was definitely a God thing for our staff. esp after our overnight, we all just get along so well and even when we're not supposed to be with our village we still hang out and sit together. so far camp has been really cool. definitely stressful, esp the first few days. the first night in my cabin it really hit me that i'd be there the next 2 months. everyday it gets better and more comfortable and awesome. i'm not sure what else to say at the moment... when the campers are here, i'll have a free skill everyday (except on other people's days off when i have to cover) to shower and chill, then i have a day off every 2 weeks (tue the first two sessions then mon the second two), then a day and a half between sessions, and then everyday we have free swim/time which sometimes i'll have to work lifeguarding and sometimes i'll be with my campers and sometimes i'll be free... so yea. i'll have some time to update and getting to hang/talk to people but it won't really be consistant...

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