Saturday, July 2


1- a very productive day on my parents anniversary- still have lots of ANA floating around though... :/
2- last full day at home, getting REALLY excited for camp.
3- first night at camp in my temporary cabin.
4- first whole day at camp.
5- raked lots of leaves and won $10 of store credit.
6- i'm a cheyenne 10 with joanna!
7- long but productive and fun after my first overnight.
8- cleaning out the lake of leaves in a kayak.
9- policies galore and village staff overlook fun.
10- first gun shooting, first blob, and first time pulled over (no ticket PTL!)
11- last day without campers.
12- 1A opening day - crazy.
13- first skills teaching and lifeguarding ever and 3 times in the lake.
14- made a fire and had cookout then campfire.
15- apples to apples with staff during spa night.
16- rattlesnake and CP talks.
17- sliding rock, moe's and dk.
18- bad storm and no power then helping in the kitchen.
19- relaxing sunday afternoon.
20- storms and underground church.
21- first day of summer and first day off.
22- drained.
23- last full day of 1A- watched heavyweights.
24- closing day then off to hicory to amy's.
25- chill day off, rested for next session.
26- opening day- relying on God for excitement.
27- night of chaos and chill night afterwards.
28- a great 20th birthday at camp.
29-pottery painting trip and too much food.
30- tie-dying, swimming and some good talk.

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Pack Mule Mama said...

I l.o.v.e. Reading your monthly recaps. You've had a busy month!