Monday, August 1


1- overnight at joshua's hollow.
2- carnival and belle.
3- much needed chill sunday.
4- cheerwine and moonpie festival.
5- day off relaxing with the sister.
6- chow-a-thon with the boys and a chill night.
7- lake swimming, trunk moving, and tangled watching.
8- 1B closing and the saga of the mysterious finger blister sore things.
9- day off with the family. :)
10- opening day with new chill girls.
11- finally some deep sharing on chey staff.
12- pretty chill day and legit talk time.
13- legit staff time.
14- ran, hiked, and felt overall healthy.
15- cold rainy gem mining day.
16- more cold, a new weird spot, and a chill day.
17- a restful sunday at camp.
18- a relaxing day off and mom's birthday.
19- loving camp and my girls.
20- running, messy games, and cp.
21- lake time and heavyweights.
22- closing day and finally some time to relax.
23- chill day relaxing alone and with friends.
24- opening day of 2B- going all out.
25- night of chaos followed by the lake and a rainbow.
26- running, blobbing, and campfire chaos.
27- village trip to paint pottery- nice and chill.
28- inservice, fiesta, and cp.
29- overnight at buck flats.
30- long, exhausting day ending with carnival.
31- day of rest, frustration, and exhaustion.

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