Thursday, December 1


1- resolution.
2- busy productive breathing.
3- revelation of truth.
4- girl's weekend.
5- salted caramel hot chocolate & too much salad.
6- trying to let it all go.
7- allowing the Lord to provide.
8- lost my ring but my true treasures are not here.
9- dependence should be on the Lord alone.
10- swam a kilometer without stopping.
11- thinking to be had.
12- a lazy saturday, much needed.
13- college lunch, winning soccer game from pks, & a chill duty night.
14- just a really great monday- legit talk, exercise, great dinner, & decisions made.
15- love is the answer- am i doing all i can?
16- very productive day & a litle realization concerning prayer.
17- big presentation done & a survival bracelet.
18- singing, volunteering, & vegging.
19- lazy reading saturday.
20- a lazy sunday to round out the weekend.
21- finished up the work & got to relax more.
22- home for thanksgiving!
23- raked leaves & went on a long walk in the woods. :)
24- thanksgiving.
25- relaxing finally.
26- best friend time & chick flick with mom.
27- a crazy day of coming back & spontaneous friend time.
28- playing in puddles and laughing til i cry.
29- real talk & showing emotion.
30- ant wrangling & thoughts abound.

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