Tuesday, February 14

you are mine. (valentine's edition)

so i wasn't planning on playing up the whole cliche valentines stuff today.  but.  it's happening ;)
today at the hospital i got a cupcake that had one of those little plastic rings on it and it was in the shape of a conversation heart and said 'be mine' on it.  i didn't think much of it, ate the cupcake (yum!) and threw the ring away cause it was big and gaudy and had sticky icing all over it.
so this evening at cru we had a night where we did a prayer wheel, basically different short stages of different kinds of prayer such as mediation, intercession, praise, etc.  well during one part we were supposed to just sit and listen to the Lord.  i could only hear one thing over and over, 'you are mine'.  it was on repeat in my brain.  i got a little fed up and was like 'ok, give me something else, i've got that i'm yours, let's move on!'  but He said 'no.  this is what you need.  you are mine.'  and that's all i could hear in my thoughts, 'you are mine' over and over and over.
now later as i think, how integral it is to realize that we are His.  we've heard it before, been there done that.  but really, do we believe it?  the way we act and think doesn't usually show it.  if we truly know and believe and live out that we are His, we would be secure in our identity because it would be rooted in our secure knowledge of Him and His identity.  we wouldn't worry.  we would love extragantly knowing that we are His and that's all that matters and all we need so we can love sacrificially because at the end of the day we are fulfilled and held.  how different would we look if we really truly believed and lived out that simple phrase?  so much can be pulled out of that.  we are His! we have been bought by His blood and are no longer ours but His.  we are His to show His glory and spread His name.  everything pales in comparison to being His.
so in this last hour of valentine's day as people ask 'be mine?', know that God has already said 'you are mine'.  it is not a question anymore, but a promise and truth that rings as long as we have Him in our hearts.   remember, no matter your situation in life, God is saying 'you are MINE'.

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