Saturday, July 19

making my blog pretty :)

So, after a lot of contemplation, I've changed the way my blog looks :) I initially wanted to find a cool layout from another site and use it, but none of them struck me. So... I just altered one of the pre-made blogger ones. You like? It's not quite as boring now... with a picture and music :) I'm still working on putting pictures in posts.... :/ I also have a feeling no one is reading this... oh well. Hopefully they will when I start using it when I'm in France and people want to see what I'm doing... :) That's all for now.


Mom said...

Yes, I have been reading. :-) Is that OK?

Jology said...

Hello there.
I stumbled across your blog during my stalking mission and decided to leave a comment for your doubts no one reads it.
I think it looks pretty lovely and you do write well.^^
That exchange thing in France sounds super. I live in Europe, but haven't ever been to France, which is a pity. So, I'm really glad for your wonderful opportunity to experience something like that. I know one French guy and he's really nice, so I believe you will have great time there :)
I'm interested to read about your experiments.
A bientot!

Elena said...

Of course I've been reading it! Even since before you told me about it. I like it, and of course the music choices.