Tuesday, July 22

my wonderful french girl

Mailys. many Americans can't say her name right, I'm not sure that I can. but that doesn't matter, she's amazing. she seems so different from me in so many ways, but at the same time, she's so much the same as me. she's human, has the same wants and desires as any other human, she's loved by God, even if she is French. at times, i think 'how could we be more different?', but at others i think 'how could we be more the same?'. sometimes she reminds me of myself, my personality, habits, thoughts, whatever. it almost seems that I would be just like her if i didn't have God, i can see my old habits/feelings, like anxiety. now that I have God, many of them have been replaced or just reduced, like with the anxiety, I have God and all this stuff to lean on so that it doesn't overtake me. she doesn't have God to lean on, and she already can't sleep in anxiousness about going back to france, even though we still have a week here... I don't know, it's just really cool to see all the similarities and differences, and realize that just because she lives across the world and believes in something totally different than me, she's not that different at the core. I can't wait to see her in France, in her home.

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