Monday, July 21

god's arms

ok, imagine being little again, you've hurt yourself, gotten a scrape or something, you run crying to you daddy where he envelopes you in his arms. you can feel his warmth and love and you never want to leave his arms. now, replace your daddy with God, imagine him wrapping you into a big hug and just loving you even though you're broken. when I'm really sad/mad/upset/whatever and lying in bed in the dark trying to go to sleep, usually with tears streaking down my face, i do just that, imagine God giving me a big hug and just taking all my problems away, either fixing them or letting me forget about them for a while. then, once I am comforted, I continue to imagine myself in His arms, and drift off to sleep. everyonce in a while, I do this randomly during the day when I need some energy or to forget about my problems for a while. the whole thing just makes me feel enormously loved, releaved and just amazing. it's been really great lately (esp the summer) and i've sort of felt this euphoria like all day. it's really amazing, it makes me so greatful and confident in God. hopefully when I get in a bad mood or things seem to stop going my way, I'll remember this feeling and continue to really trust God.

I feel like the lamb in Jesus' arms, ready to go wherever he takes me, just soaking in his love and everything

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