Sunday, July 20

yeah, i have seizures

well, not anymore. but yeah, I've got epilepsy, although I think the PC name for it is a seizure disorder or something like that... but yeah, like in 8th grade, I started having seizures and then I went to a neurologist and had an MRI of my brain and have had quite a few EEGs and been pronounced epileptic. they're not the big, dramatic seizures one thinks of though, where the person flales their arms and legs and drools and stuff. I just sit there and stare into the distance and don't really respond, they vary, but yea. i've been taking meds since I was diagnosed and haven't had one in over 2 years, so we can start thinking about trying to take me off the meds. the seizures were always really mild and never really bothered me, i just had to take the meds, and there was some confusion about driving, but yea, it's not that bad. they could be ALOT worse, but I've been blessed to beable to live pretty much normally. everyonce in a while, I wonder 'why?', i know God did it for a reason but I want to know why... but i don't and there's nothing I can do about it. sometimes i almost wish they were worse, so people might actually know I have this and realize that it's not really that scary. it can be mostly controlled (depending on the case) and most can live a normal life. even if i will never help anyone using my epilepticness, i know God did it to help me too. when i was still on the fence about God/newly Christian, I realized that I had epilepsy for a reason and that God loves me and that He'll help me through it and make it work out. with epilepsy, you have it for life, no matter what, and even though I have only had mild seizures, one day, randomly, I could have a huge one and hurt myself or others. this gave me two options, live in constant fear and always be really cautious and careful and only do certain things, OR, live life to the fullest, knowing that something might happen, but I dont know when or how, so I just have to trust (in God) that things will work out, and if something bad does happen, I can know that I lived life unrestricted and how I really want to. I chose the second option :) This really pulled God further into my life and allowed me to live the best I could ever imagine. So yea, i have seizures (well not anymore, but i could any moment, but God will never make something happen to me that I can't handle) :D

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