Wednesday, August 20

bringing it all together

So on the 17th, I got to come home :) We woke up at 8am to have her brother pick us up at 9am to drive to Bordeaux, for a 1pm flight. I thought it was too early, they did not. We got to the airport and checked my bag, and had 3 hours to wait. So we just chilled, and went to a cafe and stuff. The flights were fine. I went from Bordeaux to Paris to Atlanta to Greensboro. They were fine, the middle one was long and minorly boring, but they're is no other way to get home... :) In Paris I got freaked out because I saw on a sign that my flight to Atlanta was 'Embarquement', which at first glance, I thought meant leaving. So I freaked out because I still had to get to the gate. Once I got to the gate, I realized that it meant boarding. :) My stress was not helped by being pulled over for a random security check thing, all the time just wanting to get on the plane so it wouldnt leave without me. Atlanta was a bit stressful too. I ended up having an hour to get from gate to gate, but I had to go through the passport people, get my bag, go through customs, give back my bag, then go through security. I'm not sure why they make you get your bag... it seems like an extra hassle for everyone. Anyway, on the plane you have to fill out a little customs card, saying whether you're bring food or not and stuff. I had some candy and wine. They asked what food I had. I told them I had wine. This is how it when down:
Them: How old are you?
Me: 17
Them: What's the legal drinking age in America?
Me: 21
Them: What makes you think you can bring alcohol when you're underage?
Me: It's not for me, it's a gift for my parents
Them: If we called your parents, would they say that?
Me: Yes
I got to go through this with like 3 people. I felt like such a bad girl. :) So anyway, I had to make a detour in Agriculture. I was stressed because it was like 9:05 and my plane left for greensboro at 9:20. I called my mom and told her what was happening and she told me that my plane was delayed, so i shouldnt worry and if they wont let me have the wine, its fine if they just throw it away. Anyway, they ended up calling my parents and I got to keep it. I got to the gate and I didnt miss my flight :)

It's so great to be home. I loved france, but this is where I belong :) With my friends and family and home and everything. Here are some things I learned/noticed on the trip (some of which I already knew):
I'm shy.
I can be rather negative and unconfident, esp when out of my element.
I'm really good at crying.
I'm indecisive.
I can be really judging, selfish and unwilling to change my ways.
When I want, I can really just be grateful for the moment and find beauty in everything.
Alot of the time when something is coming up (such as school), you can be annoyed or excited, but its alot funner to be excited.
Sometimes you need to think, but not think. Think enough to comprehend whats happening and function and stuff, but don't think so much that you overanalyze everything and turn it bad and stuff.
When I'm stressed/overwhelmed, I become extra introverted and cry, or sometimes eat alot or not eat much. And when I am like that, I need something to do to destract myself and keep my mind off of whatever.
This trip was not at all how I expected it, but I'm not going to regret anything and keep in mind that God made it the way it was for a reason.
I'm the kind of person that, most of the time, when having a good time/fun (esp w/ people I dont really know that well) I smile inside and think about it inside, rather than smiling and talking and laughing alot.
I feel awkward alot, like in social situations.
There are lots of traffic circles in France.
They have funny window blinds.
There is a light switch to each outlet, sometimes multiple switches, like near the bed.
There are small, cute cars and smaller cabs in the semi trucks and they're all stick shift.
Television shows start at weird times like 12:40 or 5:25.
Not many commercials during a TV show, just at the halfway point - it has its pros and cons...
Toilet has barely any water in it and is higher and has a different flusher thing.
Lots of military time.
On the bed there's square pillows, then one big long one.
They're alot freer and more trusting of others.
Showers are usually a tub or small shower thing with a hand shower - very annoying to me
Lots of doves.
LOTS of bread.
They eat alot.
Lots of shutters.
They ask you 'ca va?' alot (how are you equivalent)
Of the American songs they choose to listen to, they choose a few actual good, popular ones, then the rest are old or weird that no American actually knows or likes.
Pink toilet paper.

So yeah. I learned alot and had alot of fun. I love France, esp the vineyards region. I really hope I can go back someday, maybe with some family or friends :) So yeah, if you want to hear more or something, just ask, and you probably wont be able to shut me up :)

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Brandon said...

Good old airports. i flew for the first time in about 8 years this summer. Glad you had a mostly good trip to france.