Friday, August 22

school :(

Why does it always come so soon? I was really enjoying summer and not having much of any work to do, except for what I wanted to do. humf. There's the double whammy too, because this is my last year like ever in normal school. So in addition to the annoyingness of getting up early and working more, I've got emotions wrapped up in it. I don't really want to leave my family. I did for three weeks this summer, and that was plenty for me. Granted, it was in a different country with a different language and stuff, but still. I'm what, in my family, we call the velcro girl. I'm always stuck to my family and don't want to leave them/or them leave me. I've always been like that. College is really exciting though too. It's like starting over almost. Though, the first year of college might not be too hot physically, because that's when I'm going to try and get off my seizure meds. We'll just have to see how that all works out. At this point though, I think I've pretty much decided (for the time being) what I want to major in and stuff. I'm thinking I'll major in nurseness. :) Even if I end up not wanting to be an actual nurse, I can get lots of other medically jobs with a nursing degree or whatever they call it. I'm down to 2 colleges too, UNC and Gardner-Webb. Both have nursing. I'm just not sure which I really want yet, so I'm visiting them both in Sept. UNC is bigger and has a bit more options. Gardner-Webb is smaller and christian. I'll just have to see. As for senior year, my schedule is awesome, exactly what I wanted. No zero period. :) I've got H. French 4, AP Eng 12 (though with the deemed 'evil' teacher), H Marine Science, IB Math HL, and IB Art. The only complaint I've got is that evil teacher, but who knows, I might actually like her... :) Unfortunately, the summer though is pretty much gone. It's down to the point where I've already mentally planned what I'm going to do for the next few days, and in those few days, school is included. :( I haven't even finished all my summer work yet. Who has? :) I've still got to annotate the second half of a book for engish (i've already read it, so im just reading it again and annotating, not TOO awful) and watch a movie and take notes on it for engish, but I'm doing that sat with Elena. Then I've just got a couple more pages for art, but I can whip those out in a day. So there it is, my summer's pretty much gone, and what I have left of it is mostly going toward school work. :( but I'm a senior now!!! :D

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