Sunday, August 24

back where i belong

So I feel like I'm officially back into my groove, my element, my life, my home. This was really helped by having a wonderful friend, Elena, sleep over and we got to talk and stuff about everything that had happened while we were apart. We hadn't really seen each other for like 8 weeks. I could really talk to her about all the emotional and spiritual stuff that happened, as well as the physical. I love her. Who couldn't? :) So that helped me feel more at home, being able to just talk with my best bud. Then going to church today really sealed the deal. I feel so at home when I'm at church. The nursery, and esp in youth group. It's such a different feeling from what I originally had toward church, and I never imagined that a church could feel like home to me. But it does. I know lots of people, they know me, and unlike school, it feel so safe. I know people aren't going to blatently (dont know if thats the right word...) be mean or whatever to me. Everyone's so accepting and just smiles and stuff. It's so nice. Youth group feels the bestest. I get to see all my best buds and talk, as well as worship and learn about God. It's the perfect combo. I know at least of almost everyone (except all the new freshman) and the adults esp just talk to you and are so nice. It's home and it just makes my day. And I'm going to be joining the Core team and working on Fall Retreat so it feels like I really matter and have a say in things. I feel accepted and understood and utilized. After being home a week, White Bear smells right again, and I'm getting back into my normal routine, without someone else here. I love it. School starting soon also helps make things feel normal again. It's still sorta of weird, scary, yet also exilerating that I'm a senior and thinking about college and all that, but it's good. No, it's great. My social life is back in place, and I feel wonderful in God. I just hope school goes great too. I love my life. Especially now that I'm back where I belong :)

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Amy's most amazing friend said...

: ) You are the bestest friend ever and I loved our sleepover. We will have to have many more of those this year since we have no classes. Or maybe just fun friday night game nights like sophmore year!