Tuesday, August 26

my last first day of school

not awful. the whole student ambassadors thing was OK. my partner sort of let the class/group run wild, he was trying to be the fun cool guy, so i got stuck feeling like the boring mom of the group. he would mess something up and then i would have to fix it. all in all, it wasn't awful. im glad i dont have to do it again though. in total, we only misplaced 7 out of 20 kids and a tshirt. not bad right? :) anyway, so with the freshman orientation, i only had to go to 5th and 6th period, art :) it made my day end well. and i've found out that i have late lunch, so everyday ill have my first four classes, lunch, then art and then get to go home. and like everyother friday in art we are going on field trips to galleries so i dont have to do it on my own time. i can already feel the wonderousness of this year. there's still gonna be alot of things going on with college visits, and all that college stuff. im excited to go to the first four of my classes tomorrow. so far, elena doesnt have my lunch, but its supposed to get switched, and i think caroline has my lunch. :) yay. the thing im really going to have to get back into the groove of doing is homework. im used to just chillin at home, not having to do work. hopefully, ill only have nightly homework in math and sorta art. marine and english and french should not be too bad. :) and i get to go off campus for lunch if i want. sweet freedom. im not gonna do it alot because i dont want to eat out that much and i really dont want to waste all my gas. but it will def be a once in a while treat :) so yeah, the first day of school was fine, but holds tons of possibilities.

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