Saturday, August 30


It seems like all anyone talks about. College. Where are you thinking of going? What are you going to major in? Have you written your college essays yet? Have you visited anywhere yet? Well, Gardner-Webb, Lenoir-Rhyne or UNC; prob Nursing; Sorta, i've written one out of two but it's not officially finished yet; yeah, I visited State last year, but i've decided I dont want to go there, and i have visits scheduled for the colleges i'm interested in (see answer above).
It seems like everything is a test, and different people are wanting different answers out of you. College essays- they always sound so daunting, so I feel like I'm not doing it right, is there a right way? There's so much stress and stuff and it all feels so final, like you pick your life's career right now and you can't change it. I know you can, but it doesn't feel that way. Right now I'm sortof just fed up with college thoughts. I want to get on with my life, but I cant. I have to finish my essays and visit and apply then stress for a few months to get a reply, and THEN I can chill, but then I'll be thinking about what i'll need and all the specifics and stuff. urg. I want it all to disappear for a bit.
And it seems like everyone you talk to asks about it, and then they almost always give you their opinion, which for me seems ok most of the time, but others its just like- i don't care what you think! I don't want to go across the country! I'm just trying to do what I think is right for me, not what you think is right. I wish I could go back to being little, it seemed so much funner. Yeah. There's my rant about college stress and crap.

In other news, it's labor day weekend and i'm excited to have another day off school :) And the only homework I have is to work on my art project and to finish one of my college essays ( :p ). :) so, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do nothing :)

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