Wednesday, August 20

recap 3

Ok, after the week in Moliets, we were suppost to spend a week at her mom/stepdad's house in Parentis-en-Born. The change in scenery was nice, and her mom lightened up a bit. The original plan was that we were going to spend half a week in Moliets, the rest of the week at her house, the second week at her grandparents and the third week at her dad's. By the end of the trip it turned into a week in Moliets, half a week at her moms, and a week and a half at her dads, with lots of little plan changes in between. So, at her mom's we watched more TV, and although there was internet access finally, it decided that it wasnt going to work for pretty much the whole time I was there. This really wasnt a trip of internet and communication to my family/friends. Oh well. Anyway, on Monday we went to a high ropes course nearby, which was fun. I hadnt ever really done something like that before. :) After the ropes course, we biked to the lake nearby. Unlike the ocean, the lake was warm(er). It was cool feeling, but not freezing. Also the waves were really small, unlike the huge ones at the ocean. And it still had a little beach of sand to relax on :) On Tuesday we went to a water park with her stepdad's daughter, from a previous marriage, who was like 18 I think. It was really fun, though the water was pretty cold (to me anyway). By the end of the day, my abs and back hurt from the ropes course and the water park. On Wednesday we just chilled and went to the beach in Biscarrosse (sp?). On the beach, there's guys that walk around selling food, ice cream and stuff. I bought an apple beignet, it was SO good :) Its pretty much just like a doughnut filled with apple stuff. yummy. It stormed after we got home, lightning, thunder, wind, rain. I really liked it, but her mom was afraid. :) During my time at her mom's I did realize that I was being a bit unflexible and whatever. I found this verse and it helped me:
'In everything we do we try to show that we are true ministers of God. We patiently endure troubles and hardships and calamaties of every kind.' -2 Cor 6:4
It just reminded me that I wasnt there for me, like I'm not in this world for me. I was there for God and that I needed to be patient and endure whatever happened (however bad) and that hopefully I would be able to plant a seed somewhere. Yeah.
Picture time! :)

Her house in Parentis-en-Born

Mailou driving, they dont get a license till they're 18. And all the cars are stick shift

Mailou sporting the stylish jumper thing they make you wear to do the ropes course

The ropes course park thing

The lake

Mailys at the beach

The beach :)

And then we drove to her dad's. Her mom (actually, Mailys drove) drove us half way and we met her dad at a McDonalds, where we had lunch. Then her dad took us the rest of the way to his house.

In Landes, the region where her mom lives, there are pine trees everywhere

This is a road equivalent to like a highway

Lots of signs everywhere

And this is the eqivalent of like a freeway

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