Tuesday, August 19


Ok, now that I'm home and have all my pictures uploaded to my computer (although only half are onto Facebook b/c Facebook is being evil), I can start showing you guys all my pictures and stuff :) I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do this, I think I'll do a couple/few days for each post, and maybe post a few times a day. I still have English and art stuff I have to do for school b4 tuesday, so I cant do it all in one sitting... SO, here is the first day

We had originally planned to just go to the airport with plenty of time, and just have a nice relaxing exit. This didnt go as planned. Just randomly, my dad was checking our flights on the computer, I think to try and figure out how much they were going to feed us. The flight to Atlanta was fine and On Time, but when he checked the Atlanta-Paris flight, it was cancelled. CANCELLED. Yeah, we went a little crazy. Once we got our heads back on, my dad called the Delta peeps. We were planning to leave the house around 4 for a 6pm flight. All of the sudden, my mom was saying ' take all your bags, and get in the car now, as fast as you can' minorly scary. Now we were on a 4pm flight and it was about 2 (i think) so we got all our stuff in the car, Mailys and I not really knowing if we had a flight and if we were going to get to Paris, half wanting to laugh, half wanting to cry from all the excitement/anxiety. Finally we were there and got on the plane and everything went just fine. It was my first transcontinental flight. I didnt get to sleep much, I was so excited. Here are some pictures from the plane :

Oh, such appetizing airplane food :)


We had a night flight, which was nice because then when we got to France it actually was another day, not the same one. We arrived in France at like 11am. We had to get a cab from the airport to her friends house. The cab was rather expensive AND he got us lost, he was using one of those GPS navigator things, but he kept not turning when it told him to (granted, it was a crappy GPS thing) so it kept changing routes and making us turn around and stuff. At one point we ended up in a traffic circle, going around and around with the GPS telling us to turn left(which you cant do in the circle). He ended up ditching the GPS and dropping us at the train station and her friend came and got us. Her friend who lives just outside of Paris was nice enough to let us sleep at her house on Sunday night. We went to her house, had a little something to eat, then headed out for Paris. We took the metro into Paris. We saw the Louvre, the Champs-Elysees (though we didnt get to actually go on it b/c of the Tour de France), the Eiffel Tower, and all the stuff inbetween. It was nice, but Mailys and I were really exhausted. When we got back to her friends house, I just took a shower and went to bed. With all the action and no sleep and all the new things, my emotions were going crazy and before I got to sleep, I just couldnt stop crying. What fun :) Here are (some of) my Paris pics:

Everyone takes their shoes off and puts their feet in the fountain, it's really nice and refreshing when its hot and your shoes havent come off for what seems like forever :) Some even let their doggies run around in the fountains.

All the Tour de France biker dudes.

We were all really tired, so we took a nap in the park underneath the Eiffel Tower. Wonderful :D

The 'flat' of the friend in Paris.

The next day we had to get up minorly early to go to the train station. We had to wait like an hour for the train. The train itself wasnt actually that bad. It was on the TGV, a high speed train. The trip from Paris to Bordeaux was supposed to take like 3ish hours. We ended up getting stopped at a station and waiting for 3 hours, because at the next station, someone had jumped on the rails and was hit by the train before us and they couldnt find all the body parts. Wonderful, I know :) Because we had to wait they gave us complimentary lunch and water though. They kept giving us water, by the end Mailys and I had 5 bottles total. The lunch was pretty nasty, I thought anyway. Once we finally got to Bordeaux, her mom picked us up and drove us the hour and a half to Moliets, where her stepdad owns a vacation house that we were going to stay in for the week. After dinner that night, we went to the beach and had some ice cream, then when we got home I pretty much just crashed. I hate jet lag. Here are some pics:

The train station in Paris

The train, that box holds the nasty lunch that we got.

The Moliets beach at sunset, rather wonderful I must say :)

Well, thats all for now, hopefully I'll get to post some more later today, but for now I have to go work on my art and english crap. :)

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