Sunday, September 7


Life right now consists of visiting colleges, thinking about colleges, being bugged about colleges, and thinking about scholarships and crap, along with the normal dose of school, piano, church stuff and trying to find time for myself and to hang out with my friends, whom I don't really get to see much :( Life

Friday, I got to go visit UNC. It didn't seem all that different from anyother state university i've been to. One thing really interesting did happen though... So, I got out of school early so we could go over there, and I got out before it was lunch time, so I hadn't eaten lunch. Then, once I got home, we left and were supposed to get some sort of foodecular object to eat on the way... well, we didn't. The tour was at 2, and we got to the campus at like 1:20, and we were supposed to be at the tour place 20 min early (1:40). We drove around and around and couldn't find somewhere to eat quickly, so we didnt eat. so, we went on the tour, then went to the hour long info meeting. Then, we couldn't find somewhere to eat, finally we found McDonalds. So, We ate lunch at about 4:50pm. very interesting day I must say. It also kept sprinkling/raining during our tour. I have a feeling this may have impacted my feelings about the school, but whatever. So, next friday I get to not go to school at all and go and visit Lenoir-Rhyne and Gardner-Webb...
Another random thought... It seems like I never get to see my friends anymore. And it sucks. I don't have any classes with either of my two best friends. I have lunch with one, but about half the days she goes off campus and eats at her house or something, but I just bring my lunch and eat it at school cause its a waste of gas and time to go home to eat it. I fortunately get to see both at Core (youth group), and the other one at small group and nursery. But still.. it feels like i never see them. Never really enough to get a good talk on and really find out whats happening in eachother's lives. The one I have lunch with has a pretty open schedule though, so hopefully we'll be able to hang out out of school sometime soon, but the other one... has like the busiest schedule possible and there seems to never be any time she isnt busy. She says she wants to spend time with me, and I with her, but there never seems to be an open spot in her schedule for me. This friend also sometimes seems bossy about what'll do when we finally do get together, like its her way or the highway. She sometimes does this in other things, like my college choices and such. It's starting to annoy me. Its like I want to spend time with her when she has time for me, but not if she's going to dictate everything. I love them both to death, but it just seems like sometimes this love I have for them isn't fully reciprocated. Yeah, I don't mean to make judgements or make them feel bad, it's just the way I feel.

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