Monday, September 8


i love love. who doesn't. i love best friends. i hope best friends love me :) family rocks too.
ok, so i dont know if its this way for anyone else, but i'm weird about compliments.
i take things that probably aren't originally ment to be complete compliments to be compliments.
when someone says "i like your shirt" or "wow! you made your purse! awesome, thats so cool." i dont really respond to that kind of stuff. it just seems run of the mill normal old me. i know they mean it as a compliment, so i say thanks and smile, to be socially correct :) , but it doesnt really hit deep down or anything.
but, when someone says randomly, "your looking good today" or "hey cutie" or smiles the right way or something random like that (these are girls talking, not creepy boys with cooties) , i know they probably say that to like everyone, but i take it personally and it actually makes me feel really, deep down good, to know that i'm cute, or that i do actually look good and dont just blend into the wall like i feel i do sometimes. or the little things like saying thank you after me giving them a ride somewhere or something. i dont know im just weird like that. i take the little things to heart, that aren't necessarily meant to be, and sorta more or less shrug off the bigger, more official stuff.
i do that with bad things too. i tend to sortof ignore/shrug off big bad stuff (may also have something with me relying on God too...) , but if someone says something small thats mean, i take it more personally or whatever. for whatever reason, swear words really annoy me too. i know they should or whatever b/c they're bad, but they sometimes actually make me feel sad, like cause i realize what a crappy world it really is, without God being here, on earth. yeah.
so, if you know me and you're around me, and i'm looking like i'm in a not so great mood, it'd probably more effective to cheer me up by doing little things like smiling or laughing or pretending to be attentive at my long talkitiveness, instead of actually trying to make me feel better and giving me compliments or a pep talk or something. just some advice... :)
does anyone else do that? or am i just crazy, and thats just another wonderful example of evidence?

(p.s. itd be really cool if someone actually left comments and stuff... :)

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maman said...

I'll try to remember your advice on cheering you up. :-) Sounds simple enough... Nice to know what helps and what doesn't.