Monday, September 15


So this weekend I visited Lenoir-Rhyne and Gardner-Webb. Lenoir-Rhyne was really cool and I really liked it (and they'll give me money :) It had a good feel to it, and there were lots of nooks and crannies and just really nice people and atmosphere. Gardner-Webb was ick. They were rather impersonal and didn't act like they wanted to be there, so now I don't want to be there :) So, as of now, I'm planning to apply to just Lenoir-Rhyne, see if I got in, and if I do, then my college hunt is over :) That's another plus to a smaller school, the turnaround from sending in the application to getting your letter is like a week, not like 3 months. :) After all the college visiting fun, we drove to Asheville and saw my sister on Saturday. It was really nice to see her and talk to her, especially since she's been having a rough time lately.
I don't know what was going on here in the 'boro this weekend, but up there, their was madness. Because the Texas refineries were shut off, there was fear of not enough gas, and the gas prices rose. This made everyone go get some gas in case it took a while to turn the refineries back on. Now with all these people going to the gas station, and not as much gas coming in, several gas stations ran out of gas before they could get more the next day. Seeing gas stations empty and run out of gas, made more people panic and go to the gas stations. It became a vicious circle. It was sort of fun being sane and watching all these people line up to the street for $4.59 gas. What is the world coming to, when our most prized commodity is gas? It makes me think about what my youth pastor talked about last night; how everyone worships something, and unfortunately most people don't worship God. All those people lining up and waiting and paying huge amounts of money for gas, were in a way, worshiping the gas. Now that's sorta scary I must say.
We were made to worship, and made to worship God, not other things.
I must say though, that I'm glad I still have half a tank so that maybe the gas prices will go down a bit in the 2 weeks before I have to go get some more gas. Low gas prices are even more wanted when you don't have a fixed income of any kind, but still need to drive to and from school :)

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