Friday, September 19

cette semaine

This week has been pretty stressful. I usually go to bed at like 9, 9:30. I've been going to bed at like 11. I know that doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world, but it seems like it to me. I'm a girl that NEEDS her sleep. Without it, everything seems to go wacky. My brain doesn't work right, my body fails me, and I just feel like crap. The sole reason for me having to stay up so late was homework too. I told myself at the beginning of high school that I was not the kind of person that made up that excuse, but it happened. Though most stories I hear are about staying up til 3am, when 11 is their normal, so I guess I just became normal. I don't like being normal. Anyway, so I tried to figure out what it was that was making everything take so long. Although I didn't really find the totally answer or anything, I realized that I really was not liking French 4. I took french 3 over the summer, for 4 days, meanless to say, it didn't stick. So, I've decided that for the better of my life, and my French education and continuement, that I'm going to switch from French 4 to french 3. It makes me feel good, knowing I'll be back in my place. This means though that I'm going to have to switch my english class too, and I'm sorta sad cause I'll miss some of the people in english and french, but I know I've made the right decision and can't base my decision on others and their thoughts. It will also be nice having a not so hard class. I've got IB Math HL and IB Art HL that can take up quite a bit of time, along with AP Eng. H Marine isn't bad, and now French 3 will join the not so bad group. I just hated having no personal time at all to relax, rewind, whatever this week with all the homework and other comittments. Hopefully next week will be alot better.
Small group helped make me feel better, but it can only do so much ya know, like it cant add time that I don't have, but it helped me have a better outlook on things.

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