Friday, October 10


I gave blood today :) I feel so accomplished, like i've done something useful for the world for once. It only took 2 hours... but that made my day completely non-productive (not counting the blood giving), since I essentially did nothing in all my classes that I went to. Pretty sweet for a Friday. The only con is that now I'm home and need to get some work done, but i'm in that lazy state and will probably get very little done. So tomorrow's gonna just be school work day.
Getting stabbed with a needle and drained is actually pretty fun, I think. I love medically stuff, so it was all very fun and interesting, save for the waiting in line for forever twice. I even got a special sticker, lunchbag, pin, magnet and stuffed blood drop because it was my first time donating! :) I feel so special!


Karla said...

Good for you! That's a very admirable thing to do. {{{{}}}

nun of the forest said...

i've been thinking about giving blood. i'm still apprehensive though