Saturday, October 11

swimming :)

Swimming makes me happy.
I've known how to swim since I can remember, we had a pool in my house in Michigan, where I grew up (til I was 8 anyways), so i remember always having fun swimming in the summer.
For whatever reason, a while back, i realized that swimming really isnt that fun unless you have a friend and are playing catch in the pool or something, and we didn't go swimming very much.
Then, i decided i didn't want to take ice skate lessons anymore (which i'd known how to do since forever too), and decided to learn how to swim, like the right way, like the strokes and stuff.
So I did, and i really like it. I've been taking lessons for like a year, maybe two. It's weird, cause the actual act of going back and forth and gettin water up my nose and everyonce in a while, inhaling some water is not really that fun. But the feeling afterward. Man. It's awesome. I swim at the Y, using their soap stuff along with my own really good smelling conditioner to wash my hair/body.
It's hard to explain, just the slight feeling of chlorine everywhere and in my mouth, the slight tiredness from doing something usefull, and how soft my feet feel and the smell of the chlorine+the Y's soap+my conditioner. I know it's weird, but I like it :) And then, after i get dressed and comb my hair and stuff, I put my hair up in this tight, low bun, and then drive away, barefoot, with my window down, the good music on. It just feels like everything is right with the world and I can do anything. After swimming, I just feel good :)

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Karla said...

Like I're a frog. :-) Je t'aime.