Monday, October 20


being sick is such a dilemma.
you really feel like doing nothing, but the school system makes it almost impossible for you to be out sick. so when you do stay home sick, you feel guilty doing it. you shouldn't be going to school and infecting everyone else, but you have this test and that test to do or this project due that you can't turn in any other day. so i'm here at home, sick and not going to school. i've had a nice nap and lazy tv watching session, but now i feel like i have to do something productive like clean my room or something. it takes a lot for me to just give up and chill and really help my body recover when i'm home sick.
this is half the reason why i hate being sick so much, you end up either going to school and feeling like crap or staying home and feeling guilty.

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Karla said...

"To thine ownself be true." - by somebody. :-) You do have to listen to your body. You know that better than a lot of people. Rest up and get better!