Sunday, October 19


it's the most annoying thing ever.
you can't talk normally.
you can't sing normally.
you can't breath normally.
when will it go away?
seems like never.
i keep coughing.
but they never seem to be doing anything useful.
i really hate half coughs.
like when your lungs spasm or whatever.
but you don't actually cough.
you just make these weird noises.
sometimes i wish i just had pnemonia or something.
so that it could just be treated and go away.
and i could get out of school for it.
but i dont.
so i still have to go to school.
and feel tired and weird and coughyful.
oh, how i hate coughing.


Karla said...

:-P Wish I had a magic pill for you. :-(

Elena said...

I agree. coughing is icky and stupid and tiring.