Saturday, November 1


i miss being small, dressing up pretty, and going door to door begging for candy. i wish i could still do this. it just doesnt really seem socially accepted for a high school senior to go trick or treating, and even if it was, the old fashioned parents would disapprove.
so, on halloween it seems the choices are: go trick or treating, or go to a party and get wasted.
unfortunately, i can't/won't do either of those, so i was forced to find another option.
instead, right after school Elena and I helped at our church's pumpkin bash thing for the kids.
then we came to my house and just chilled and had fun and she slept over.
much good, clean fun had. :)
i just really wish i had gone trick or treating or carved a pumpkin or something... the fact that my childhood is slipping away and is almost gone is so much more reminded at holidays, which used to be super fun and exciting and different but are now just barely out of the ordinary. :/

also... i swam my first 100m today. i know thats like nothing compared to what team swimmers and olympic people do, but it's an accomlishment for me... :)

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Karla said...

Yes, you are growing up, but the fun doesn't have to be gone. had a good time anyway. :-)

Yeah for the 100m!!!! More than I can do, that's for darn sure!!