Wednesday, November 5


so, i don't really know what i think about the election and whatnot, and quite frankly don't really care too at this point in time.
what this post is really about is how wonderful election day is and that ben and jerry's and krispy kreme were kind enough to give me some free food even though i didn't (and can't) vote.
my parents and i went out to ben and jerrys and got us some yummy ice cream - for free. my mom and i got cheesecake brownie while my dad got coffee. yum. then my dad's like, why don't we go to krispy kreme while we're out? so we went to krispy kreme. contrary to their advertisements, we did not get star shaped doughnuts, but got to pick what we wanted. my mom and i got pumpkin spice (my favorite) and my dad got chocolate covered. my mom doesn't really like doughnuts cause theres too much sugar and she goes crazy, so i got 2 pumpkin doughnuts. my mom had her zumba class so she wasn't eating dinner before, but we went to boston market so my dad and i would have something for dinner. :)
can't say is was the bestest ever, since it was cold and rainy, but still, free food is free food, and free food is good, esp when its good free food, not cheap stuff. :)

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Karla said...

Free ice cream!!! Dude.