Wednesday, November 12


Lately, my life has been pretty normal. Nothing completely special or unnormal.
Last week though, I did get to talk to a missionary who, like me, has epilepsy. It was cool just to get to know her and see someone older that has it (and she has the same kinds as me!). It also helped solidify that missionaries aren't 'special', they're just normal, ordinary people with no special powers or anything.
This last weekend, we went camping, which was fun as always. We also went to an open house at Lenoir-Rhyne, where I'm going. It wasn't as I had expected and I ended up having a pretty rotten attitude about it. It made me realize that I need to choose between Health and Exercise Science and Nursing because I need to get a CNA before I go if I do Nursing. Right now, I'm thinking nursing is out.
Yesterday, I got to go to the neurologist, always bountifully fun. Since I haven't had a seizure or anything in like 3 years, they have been pretty pointless lately. But this one was different. We talked about tapering off my meds. It takes 6 weeks to taper off then for 6 months after, I can't drive, granted everything goes OK and I don't have a seizure. If I do have a seizure though, I wont drive for a year and may have to get back on meds. It's all just annoying. The end of the taper is worst and you're almost guarenteed to have some sort of side effects. I would like to be off them and not have to be dependant on drugs, but it's just annoying. I can do it whenever I want. There are endless options. I could like start around Christmas then not drive the rest of the school year but maybe the second half of the summer ( :p ) Or I could start in like June and be tapering during Project Serve and then not drive all summer. Or I could start in July and end tapering like right before school starts and not drive at school and half the summer. Or I could start after I get to school and taper and everything there and not drive all school year. As the neurologist said, I just get to choose which seven and a half months I want to seriously screw up.
What do you think? Any opinions of when I should do it?
It's really been weighing on my mind. Lately I've felt sorta distant from God, but I'm def gonna need Him in this. I just have to pray that He'll make it all work out and hopefully I won't have any seizures or complications when I do taper....

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Karla said...

Decisions, decisions. Ugh! You already know/have at hand my opinions. Just know that we're behind you and will support whatever you choose...with college, your meds...and anything else that comes along in life. We're here for you! :-) {{{}}}