Friday, November 14

just because

Ten things you wish you could say to ten different people right now (don't list names):
1. I wish I could get to really know you better.
2. I never want to leave you.
3. I feel like we're drifting apart.
4. It seems like you always have to be the best.
5. I love your quiet wisdom.
6. You inspire me.
7. I worry about you.
8. I wonder what you're like now.
9. I wish I could talk to you just because, not because I have a reason.
10. I wonder if you're being real to me.

Nine things about yourself:
1. I love flowers, esp daisies and bright, cheery colors.
2. I'm very introverted yet can be very extroverted, it just depends on the circumstances.
3. I can be self destructive in my thoughts and sometimes actions/attitudes.
4. I can't wait to go to college, but I can't imagine leaving home.
5. I worry that people are paying attention to me then feel sad when I realize that they're not.
6. I always want to know more, knowledge intrigues me.
7. God is so important to me and I wonder what He has in store for my life.
8. I'm usually a goody too shoes and follow the rules, but I have my rebelious side.
9. I usually don't mind getting dirty and staying dirty (to a certain extent of course)

Eight ways to win your heart:
1. Love
2. Flowers and chocolate (or other yummy treat)
3. Noticing the little things
4. Faith
5. At least acting interested in all my jabber (like when I really get talking)
6. Not judging me
7. Respect
8. Understanding what I'm really going through

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:
1. Being afraid that others are watching/judging me
2. That's pretty
3. Man, I'm so ugly/fat
4. So there, ha! I'm better, smarter, faster, whatever-er than you.
5. God
6. The way people treat others
7. Why won't you at least give me a chance

Six things you wish you never did:
1. Lie
2. Hurt other
3. Was so clumsy
4. Was so arrogant and mean
5. Judged others
6. Pretended to be something I'm not

Five turn-offs in a guy/girl:
1. Just being a butt
2. Smoking or anything like that
3. Facial hair
4. Reckless behavior (like driving)
5. Being dark and sulky

Five turn-ons in a guy/girl:
1. French-ness
2. Respect
3. Honesty/Consistancy
4. Understanding
5. Faithful (to everyone, including God)

Three careers that you would consider:
1. Physicians Assistant or some other sort of medically related job
2. Something arty and creative
3. Carpenter kind of thing

Two things you want before you die:
1. Love that never ends
2. To learn French fluently (and maybe other languages too)

One confession:
I'm afraid

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Elena said...

I'm sorry. And don't forget: you already have love that never ends. You are beautiful and priceless and are gifted with intelligence. The world probably doesn't mean you as much harm as you think it does. It's okay to be afraid. I am too.