Friday, November 21


we got our first little flurry last night. 2 hour delay for school. which are always the best because :
1) We get to sleep in longer
2) We have shorter classes
3) But we still get some stuff done
4) They don't make us make up the day later in the year
5) School is just good cause everyone was excited about the snow and it not being a normal day of school
Though i didn't get to see it fall at like 2 in the morning, i'm getting to now. it's melting off the tree branches and such hso that its still sortof intact but it got warm enough to not stick to the tree anymore. so, esp w/ help from a little wind, it's snowing once again.

random observation: my english spelling and grammar sort of stuff and just being able to type it easily without making lots of mistakes has decreased as i've gotten better at french. i guess i need to train my brain to know two languages at once. :)

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