Saturday, November 29


It's been REALLY nice having Thanksgiving break and sleeping in and having my grandparents and sister in town.
For Thanksgiving we had our usual; ham, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, asparagus, rolls and of course pies.

I made 3 pies this year: pumpkin, pecan and banana cream. Pumpkin and pecan turned out good, what i was expecting, the banana cream is so-so. not bad, not great.

We layed around the house all day doing nothing productive, however, i finished Eclipse and am now on Breaking Dawn. I've done all mandatory school work, except finish my math porfolio, but that's waiting til Sunday. We took Sienna to the dog park yesterday. It was fun. She's still tired... :) Today I've just swam and we're going to go to the craft fair and go out to eat.

Last night we had an impromptu concerto, my sister and i. I played the piano and mary sang along, christmas songs of course. At times it was good sounding, at others, horrendous, but it was fun nontheless.

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Elena said...

that sounds like way too much fun. my grandparents still seem to not understand that david and I are in high school. they brought us to Disney on Ice! haha, i saw lots and lots of little kids