Tuesday, December 2


I feel like my body is no longer connected in the right places. I can't think straight. I can sorta pay attention. And when doing complex things, like playing the piano, it just doesn't seem to work anymore. I look at the notes on the page, and think i'm putting my hands where they need to be, but i'm not and just have to keep trying. It's liking I'm having a brain fart, but these farts are becoming more like my breathing. Everything seems like that. I can't type well anymore. Unless I pay complete, explicit attention on one thing (which i usually dont have to do and am not used to doing) then I can probably get it done. Theres this weird dull aching fogginess about my head/brain. It just feels weird. And the rest of my body is just screaming 'no stop! i don't want to do anything!', but of course i must go on. All this ickyness going on on the inside of me is no doubt affecting my mood and such. :/


nun of the forest said...

i love you!

Karla said...

I'm sorry your body parts aren't cooperating/coordinating. How frustrating! You've got a lot of thinking things on your plate right now. Maybe once some of that gets cleared off your head will clear a bit also. {{{{}}}}