Friday, December 5


it's so nice. this feeling of being prepared and have things planned so as to not get overwhelmed. i don't know where i got it from, but i've got pretty nice time management. and i like to make lists, so often don't forget things. and my life feels nice and organized :) thinking ahead allows me to have more free time to myself. to just read a book, play on the computer, watch tv, play piano just because. just chill. to sleep. all the things that seem the most important to me seem to get done more and better when i'm thinking ahead and prepared. not to say that i definitely dont have any rebel and unplanned and spontaneous times. but having the major things like school work and college and stuff out of the way lets me be more spontaneous and have more fun. like college. all my friends are freaking out about it, and i've already been accepted and have given them my deposit. and art. we had 4 projects due by today. by using my time wisely, i got them all done and turned in. the way i wanted them, not half-heartedly done. this being prepared and having a plan stuff may make me more obsessive compulsive or whatever. but i don't mind. it makes me happy and my life better (i think anyway) :) being the teenager i am, i don't always plan and can really tell the difference. :) so, here's to being prepared :D


Elena said...

yay for being prepared. but hey, give me a little bit of compassion for not having college completely figured out : ) by the way, I made it into Houghton's school of music as of today!

Karla said...

Yep. Organization does pay off pretty big in the benefits department. But...I wonder where you've heard that before. :-) I'm glad you're feeling at ease and relaxed with things. That's a good thing.