Wednesday, December 31


So, my room's all clean, my dress is done, the plans are set. Now, I just have to figure out what to do for 3 or 4 more hours... so here's my boredom:

10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
Aloha or Hola? Bonjour
Are you a good listener? I like to think so...
Are you a good student? Yeah
Are you currently in a relationship? Nope
Beef or Chicken? Chicken!
Best friend or boyfriend? best friend
Best friend? Elena
Birthday? June 28
Birthplace? Southfield, Michigan
Blonde or brunette? Blonde!
Blue eyes or brown? blue (though sometimes greenish)
Carpet or tile? carpet - though wood w/ a rug is good too
Cat or dog? Puppy
Coke or Pepsi? neither :p
Color or black and white photos? Both - i like black and white better for artsy stuff.
Do you drink or do drugs? No
Do you have a car? yes, a quite unique one at that
Do you have a job? sorta, if dog sitting for the neighbors every now and then counts
Do you have a lava lamp? ya
Do you have lots of friends? I don't think so...
Do you have siblings? yea, an older sister
Dream car? yellow bug convertable with flowers all over it
Eat an apple or an orange? apple
Favorite color? yellow, but purple, orange and green are close runners up
Flowers or angels? FLOWERS!
Glasses or contacts? contacts
Gold or silver? silver!
Happy and poor or rich and sad? Happy and poor
Hardcover or softcover books? soft
Have you ever moved? Yea, from MI to NC
Height? 5' 9" or 10".. depends on who you ask when
How do you eat a Reese? around the side crust first then peel off the top chocolate then eat it
If you could save one thing form a house fire (not living) what would it be? um.. maybe my bible. I know i could just get a new one but it has so many notes and underlines that are so helpful. though white bear would be tempting too... :)
Is it Pop or Soda? Soda pop
Jacket or sweater? jacket
Last person you talked to on the phone? Elena
Last time you showered? this morning
Left or right? right
Long hair or short? medium
Makeup or natural? depends... fine either way, but not too much makeup...
McDonalds or Burger King? MickyD's
Milk or Chocolate milk? chocolate! but the thick kind..
Natural or dyed hair? natural all the way
Newspaper or magazine? magazine
Number of blankets? well... summer is usually about 5 and winter can be up to 12
Number of pillows? complicated... depends on the size pillow and the state of my neck happiness
Pants or long skirt? pants
Piano or guitar? Piano!
Piercings? just the ears...
Place you'd like to live or visit? France again
Rain or thunder and lightening storm (with rain)? the storm, so much more fun, and you get both rain and the storm :)
Rice Krispies treat or brownies? brownies
Shower or bath? shower
Sleep with stuffed animals? yup, still just with White Bear my forever old non-white bear
Stay up late or wake up late? both
Straight or curly? straight's good, though curly's cool too
Summer or Winter? Spring and Fall
What color are your socks right now? olivey green
Whats your bedtime? school days is usually 9 or 10, weekends and breaks is usually 11 or 12
When do you get up in the morning? school- 7, not school - 9 or 10

so there you have it, my boredom all wrapped up with a bow on top :)

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